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7 tips on How to effectively market your business Website via Social Media in Zimbabwe.

Social media Zimbabwe

With over one 1.5 Billion active users on Facebook, 600 million on Instagram, 300 million on Twitter and 100 million on LinkedIn. It is no secret that Social Networks are by far the largest publishing platforms on the internet. Each day, businesses around the world are leveraging on the power of Social Media to market their brands and increase their product sales. In 2016, Facebook, the world’s largest social network earned $27 Billion in Advertising revenue. Brands are pumping money into Social Networks because they are experiencing results and excellent Return on Investments.

According to statsmonkey.com, about 2 million Zimbabweans are currently active on Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram combined have about a million Zimbabwean users. From these stats, you can see that by effectively using Social Media, you can have access to a potential clientele of 3 Million Zimbabweans and if your business exports it’s products, the possibilities are limitless. The beauty of Social Media is; it is cost effective and easier to implement if you know what you are doing.

I’m going to give you 7 tips on how you can use Social Media as an effective marketing tool for your brand.

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